New report shines a light on the social value of movement and dance to the UK

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Moving your body to music is often seen as the ultimate feel-good exercise but putting on your dance shoes also has many physical and mental health benefits that can often be overlooked.

A new report published by the Sport and Recreation Alliance demonstrates the role movement and dance can play in creating a healthier and happier nation and why it should be perceived as much more than just an art form.

This report has been inspired by social impact reports undertaken by other sporting organisations to demonstrate the value of their activity. A qualitative research methodology, focused on in-depth consultation with experienced members of the dance and movement community, was devised for this project.

This report is intended as a 'starting point' in articulating the social value of movement and dance. The Alliance will continue to support the creation of a stronger evidence base with which the benefits and impact of participation in movement and dance can be clearly demonstrated; for individual participants, communities and society as a whole. 

Following consultation with a large number of movement and dance teachers, supporters and administrators, we are able to shine a light on the wonderful benefits that are associated with this activity for individual and community wellbeing.

From reducing crime to improving social interactions, this report showcases the power of movement and the improvements that come with engaging in these sessions.

When individuals are advised to increase their physical activity, taking up movement and dance classes should be encouraged, and the benefits identified in this report should be showcased to encourage others to take part.

The Sport and Recreation Alliance also recommends that greater support and time is needed to change the perception of the activities represented by its Movement and Dance Division within the physical activity sector, active leisure and organised recreation. The Alliance believes that significant additional strategic support is required to achieve the changes in perceptions and understanding of movement and dance.

Such changes are necessary in order for movement and dance activities to be fully appreciated and realise their potential value to the nation.

As part of this report, we spoke with a number of influential individuals from the movement and dance sector to understand what their activity means to them, and their participants.

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