Going Green Award

Welcome to the Community Sport and Recreation Awards 2022: Going Green Award

The Going Green Award celebrates organisations/clubs that are making a commitment towards reducing net emissions, particularly within the three pillars of sustainability – social, environmental and economic. Showing a consideration of the footprint we leave behind is very important in not just the sport and recreation sector but others as well, so we think it’s vital to recognise those that directly focus on it.

Entries for the Going Green Award are now closed. The finalists for the 2022 Going Green Award are:

Teesdale Gun Club

Teesdale Gun Club, which offers Clay Target and Air Rifle/Pistol shooting, has transformed its site to make it far more environmentally friendly.

Previously, the disused quarry they use (which is not linked to the national grid nor does it have a mains water supply) was reliant on an ageing diesel-powered generator, while the clubhouse was heated by an old cast iron log burner that had started to emit fumes.

The changes they have made since include planting 400 trees around the perimeter of the ground, which when grown will help with noise pollution, as well as investing in 12 solar panels that have replaced the old generator. The log burner they were using has also been replaced with an ultra-efficient sustainable wood pellet burner.


At UEA+Sport – the University of East Anglia’s sport department – they have been working to ensure sustainability is part of everything they do.

They have set up a ‘Sustainability in Sport’ working group which meets monthly to discuss and action ideas. In response to the pandemic, they implemented a hand sanitiser refill station at their Sportspark to tackle plastic waste. They have also set up a ‘Do Your Bit, Recycle Your Kit’ initiative to encourage students to exchange second-hand kit and develop a culture of reusing.

As well as this, they have effectively offset all of their sports clubs’ emissions by monitoring the journeys the clubs all took and calculating resultant carbon emissions; they then sourced 100 trees to plant in the Broads National Park.

Birmingham County Football Association

Last year, Birmingham County FA launched its ‘Save Today, Play Tomorrow’ programme, their overarching strategy for the next four years to create and support lower-carbon football.

The plan outlines a commitment to implement the first-ever Sustainability Pledge for grassroots football clubs to commit to, and support football clubs with non-football volunteering opportunities to help them take accountability for their local communities – for example, partnering with other organisations for plastic collections or rewilding projects.

Already, they have become members of the UN Sport for Climate Action Framework, launched the first-ever formalised lift-share scheme within grassroots football, organised for solar panels to be installed and introduced two electric vehicle charging points, and launched a £25,000 Green Innovation Fund.

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