Game of Life - Physical Health

Evidence is conclusive that regular physical activity is effective in the prevention of premature death and the prevention of chronic diseases.

Taking part in sport and recreation at a moderate intensity for 150 minutes a week for adults or 60 minutes a day for children is sufficient for most health benefits, although the exact amount, frequency and intensity of sport and recreation an individual should be taking part in to elicit health benefits will differ in relation to their existing health and health goals.

The cost of poor physical health to the UK is huge. Cardiovascular disease costs the UK economy over £30bn per year and diabetes £9bn.But we also know that regular activity can be used as preventative medicine.Burning 2000kcal per week reduces coronary mortality by between a quarter and a third, while for every 500kcal of extra energy spent per week your likelihood of type 2 diabetes is 6% less.

This section of the report explores all the evidence relating to activity and health from the cost of inactivity to the NHS to the effect of physical activity on cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, hypertension, obesity, osteoporosis and more.

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