Sport and Recreation Alliance appoints Joymo as exclusive live streaming partner

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The Sport and Recreation Alliance has announced an exclusive multi-year relationship with leading live video streaming platform, Joymo.

Under the terms of the agreement, Joymo becomes the Sport and Recreation Alliance’s Official Live Streaming Partner and preferred sports content management platform. The fast-growing live streaming platform will work closely with Alliance members to power their direct-to-consumer streaming ambitions.

Sport and Recreation Alliance members will now benefit from Joymo’s pioneering live video streaming platform that has been built  for athletes, teams and sports organisers - at every level of competition - enabling them to broadcast their content directly to fans who can watch live or on demand. 

Through innovative technology - including a dedicated recording app (Joymo Share), an over-the-top streaming platform (Joymo Arena) and a 4K HD automatic action-tracking camera - Joymo enables users to sell pay-per-view access to supporters per game, competition or event or offer a longer-term ‘season ticket’, with revenues going back directly to the content creators.

Commenting on the partnership, Lisa Wainwright, Chief Executive of the Sport and Recreation Alliance, said: “We are really excited by the potential of this partnership and strongly believe that Joymo can have a transformational impact on a large proportion of our members making them fit for the future. We want to help our members to become even more resilient and sustainable and, to that aim, the simplicity, safety, scalability and potential revenue generation for members using Joymo is significant.

“Live streaming provides huge value to participants, coaches and supporters and can help to increase engagement levels, which in turn, can drive participation so that more people can benefit from the power of sport and recreation. We have no doubt that this alliance will add significant value to our members and we will be actively encouraging those who do not have existing broadcast arrangements to get set-up on the Joymo platform.” 

Discussing the collaboration. Mike Emery, CEO of Joymo, said: “This is a hugely important partnership for Joymo and we are excited to work with the Sport & Recreation Alliance and their member organisations. Joymo is all about empowering sports organisers and participants - at all levels - by providing them with affordable tools and technology to broadcast directly to their fans. There are still so many federations, clubs and leagues that aren’t realising the value of their content and often give it away for free on social media platforms who then own the data and the advertising income from its viewers. 

Joymo not only helps users to generate revenues, but also provides ownership of all advertising, sponsorship and data which is massively important in this day and age. And, unlike traditional media broadcast deals, the Joymo model is based on the premise that when the rights owners succeed the platform provider succeeds, and that’s exactly as it should be”, Emery adds.

Joymo was founded in Norway in late-2017 and soon after launched its remote broadcasting camera solution - the Joymo LiveCaster Pro. Through the LiveCaster Pro, Joymo’s app-technology, or through integration with any hardware and video mixing software, Joymo enables federations, leagues and clubs to film or livestream games and/or training sessions in a safe, secure way. 

Joymo places safeguarding, secure data management and GDPR compliance at the heart of its product, removing the risk for grassroots and longtail sport. An integral part of its streaming platform is secure storage of all content and data in accordance with national privacy regulations and GDPR.

In March 2020, Joymo launched its live streaming solution: Joymo Arena. All video content generated through the Joymo app is processed by the streaming platform and optimised for the best viewer experience. 

In the last year, Joymo has successfully launched into the UK and Ireland and was recently shortlisted for the prestigious Sport Industry Awards. The partnership with the Sport & Recreation Alliance follows similar exclusive live streaming agreements with the Welsh Sports Association, the Lancashire and Nottinghamshire Football Associations and Basketball Ireland.