Terms of reference for vetting and barring review revealed

What should you do?

The Secretary of State for the Home Office, Theresa May, has announced the terms of reference for the review of the Vetting and Barring Scheme. The review will be developed by officials and recommendations are expected early in the New Year.

What should you do?

1.Ensure you are complying with the existing legislation while the review is taking place. You are still required to refer information to ISA if you have removed an individual from €˜regulated activity’ because they have harmed or there is a risk of harm to a member of a vulnerable group.

2.You can feed into the two review processes by contacting the CCPR Compliance Officer to discuss the specific questions in the vetting and barring review terms of reference. This will inform the CCPR rResponse to this consultation. In addition you may want to submit an individual response to the questions directly:



The deadline for feedback to the specific question is 22 November 2010.

NOTE: The Scottish system is not being reviewed and the Protecting Vulnerable Groups scheme has gone live. If you have members in Scotland you may need to remind them of their duties under the Scottish scheme.

What is CCPR doing?

The CCPR Compliance Officer will be attending the CRB/VBS Joint Consultative Group Meeting for the Sport and Recreation Sector on 26 October. We will be representing our members and will feed back any further updates.

For further updates you can register for the Vetting and Barring Scheme Newsletter. Please click on the link provided here

If you want to discuss this information please contact the CCPR Compliance Officer, Joy Tottman.

Terms of Reference: Vetting and Barring Scheme Remodelling

Consider the fundamental principles and objectives behind the vetting and barring regime, including;

Evaluating the scope of the scheme’s coverage

The most appropriate function, role and structure of any relevant safeguarding bodies and appropriate governance arrangements

Recommending what, if any, scheme is needed now; taking into account how to raise awareness and understanding of risk and responsibility for safeguarding in society more generally.

In parallel with the Vetting and Barring Scheme review there will also be an independent review of the CRB regime. This will be led by Sunita Mason, government advisor for criminality information management.

Terms of Reference: Criminal Records Review

Examine whether the criminal records regime strikes the right balance between respecting civil liberties and protecting the public, with consideration of the following issues:

Could the systems be more proportionate and less burdensome;

Whether police intelligence should form part of the CRB disclosure;

Content and access issue for ‘criminal records’;

Administration and guidance provided.

Portable CRB Disclosures

Last week as part of the Spending Review the Government announced that CRB will be making it possible for employers to share CRB checks, reducing the need for multiple checks. This is separate from the review process and is designed to minimise the paperwork and administration that organisations needs undertake. This is certainly good news for sport!

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