Alliance launches programme to develop new leaders

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The Sport and Recreation Alliance is thrilled to announce our new Management and Leadership Programme, creating new and exciting opportunities for future senior leaders within the sector. 

As part of the development of the Alliance's new strategy - Support. Recover. Achieve. - we are currently exploring ways in which we can support our members in the ever-changing landscape facing the physical activity sector.  

Following consultation with members, we have identified a need for a tailored, dedicated sports sector management development course to help shape and grow the next generation of senior leaders and directors in our sector.  

Our intention is that by investing in the development of colleagues who have shown the potential and drive to be future leaders, we will build a diverse cohort of individuals who have been provided with the skills and techniques to help shape sport and recreation in the UK for years to come.  

Over the past year, the Alliance has developed a comprehensive management and leadership programme and completed a pilot run over nine months during 2020-21. The programme is principally aimed at those who are currently in managerial roles who are looking to develop themselves and add value to their organisations.  

We have conducted a multi-faceted evaluation process on the impact of the programme and now believe it has the potential to generate significant impact for our members.   

The sessions will be hosted by Amanda Bennett who is a leading expert in good governance, effective leadership and inclusion.  Amanda will be joined by cross-sector leaders throughout the programme as participants learn from those already leading the way. 

Attendees will be given the tools, expertise and guidance to level-up their own performance and sponsoring organisations will see their employee(s) become more effective in their roles. 

Why has this programme been created? 

"Management programmes that are available do not meet sport bodies’ needs"  

Following feedback from our members, the Alliance identified that a programme which delivers learning, peer-to-peer networking and guidance from sector leaders specific to physical activity organisations was not yet being delivered. 

Now, as the sector seeks to rebuild following a significant period of disruption, 2021 is the ideal time to consider how to empower and build the capacity of those tasked with constructing a better future for sport and recreation.  

This programme is designed to build managerial competence and confidence by enhancing leadership and management skills. Evidence shows that investment in management potential through this programme has broader organisational impact, contributing to greater strategic input, improved team leadership and enhanced effectiveness and efficiency.  

In addition, it can build a greater sense of purpose and cohesion, significantly improving collaboration and, as a result, the collective impact on a management team.  

Further information and details of how to book onto the programme are available here.