Alliance launches consultation on social and economic valuation

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The Sport and Recreation Alliance is inviting members to attend an open forum. This forum will help the Alliance to identify the most effective ways it can support organisations in demonstrating the impact of their activities; in particular through social and economic value reporting.

Responses to our Annual Members Survey, and further consultations with members, have shown that the measurement and effective articulation of the ‘impact’ and ‘value’ of activities remains a major challenge.

The two key barriers highlighted were lack of technical expertise required to measure social and economic valuation and the prohibitive expense that comes with sourcing this.

The forum will be led by Richard Boardman, Research and Development Manager at the Alliance, who said: "This session will be crucial in determining the Alliance's 'future offer' when it comes to supporting members with impact reporting.

“It is vital that our members are given the opportunity to communicate the contributions their respective activities make to the communities they serve, and to society as a whole.

“The ability to do this shouldn’t be limited to those with large financial resources, but instead be something that all organisations can use to promote, support and grow their activities.

“We want to use the session to give every member the chance to shape our response to what has been consistently reported to be a significant challenge." 

The forum will take place via Zoom on Wednesday 6 October between 1pm - 3pm. 

If you, or a member of your team would like to attend the session, you can sign-up to the consultation here.