Membership Benefits in Full

Membership of the Alliance brings many benefits. To make sure we are effectively supporting the sector we are constantly working with and listening to our members. In a recent membership review our members told us the three benefits of membership they value the most.

 Voice of the Sector

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 Westminster Round Up 

Members are provided with exclusive support on parliamentary matters, including access to regular updates from the corridors of power in the Westminster Round-Up.

Campaigns and Initiatives

As a member of the Alliance, we will represent you when we speak with Government, policy makers and the media.  

  • We undertake research and produce reports to evidence the value of sport and recreation and lead public campaigns such as the Right To Be Active.
  • Influencing sports policy - The Alliance influences the development of sports policy through a number of different means. We engage with Government ministers and officials, lobby members of Parliament, respond to public consultations and submit evidence to inquiries which affect our members.
  • The team works tirelessly to demonstrate the social and economical value of sport and you can view reports that form a great deal of the basis of our lobbying and policy work
  • We also provide Secretariat support for the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Sport, allowing the Group’s members to draw on the knowledge and experiences of our members and to hear from guest speakers and parliamentarians.

If you are a member and need the support of the Policy team please contact

Latest sector updates

  • Daily New Summary -  Each day, we compile a roundup of all the important breaking news from across the sector and deliver it straight to your inbox.
  • Policy updates - provides you with a roundup of all the important policy developments affecting our sector monthly.
  • The Panel - As a member you have the opportunity to join The Panel and have your say on important issues effecting the sector. Every member organisation can sign up as many people as they wish so that they can add their voice to the conversation. This is your opportunity to provide feedback to the Sport and Recreation Alliance to make sure that we are fighting your corner at every opportunity.

To see why we claim to be the voice of the sport and recreation sector, please see the members we work on behalf of.

 Access to in-house experts  

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The Governance team is on-hand to assist our members with corporate governance, helping you to develop individual leaders in your organisation and to undertake board reviews to make sure your board is performing as effectively as it can be.

  • Members can also benefit from access to our Governance Training Programme at heavily discounted rates. The workshops and webinars will give you the tools and support you need to implement change within your organisation and to take the important next steps on your journey towards achieving a gold standard of governance.
  • Sign up to our Principles of Good Governance. The Principles have been produced by the sector, for the sector; therefore we encourage its use throughout every size and type of sport or recreation organisation. By signing up to The Principles, you are demonstrating a commitment to good governance within your organisation.
  • Non-Executive Director Alert - This service aims to help you with the recruitment of your NEDs and also gives you the chance to throw your hat in the mix and be kept up to date with the most recent vacancies nationwide.

Learn more about the support our Governance team offers.


Our Policy team help members with protecting and promoting your interests in Parliament. We advise and assist with consultations, campaigns and parliamentary questions.

  • You can also stay in the loop with the latest news effecting the sector being discussed in the Westminster Round-Up.
  • We will support you in times of change and our Brexit guidance includes a number of documents you may find useful. 


Our Communications team is the engine behind Alliance work. They keep the sector up to date with all the important news. Members enjoy receiving a variety of useful updates including:

  • Our social media channels - We are active across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube and are always looking to share the great work our members are doing on these channels so get in touch. 
  • Need to make a big splash but not sure how to start? The Alliance’s comms and marketing team are on hand to provide advice and guidance. To discuss further, drop us a line at

Research and Development

Our Research and Development team provides our members with access to industry leading expertise in research. The team offers a 360 degree suite of services designed to support organisations at every stage of development through their insight journey. Members can come to our R&D team for:

  • Advice and guidance when procuring research services from the market place
  • Help in identifying areas of research missing from your current insight portfolio
  • Expertise in designing research to answer questions critical in shaping your organisation’s future
  • In depth analysis of your existing datasets (qual and quant) to yield unique insights
  • High-resolution visualisation and presentation of your organisation's insights
  • Strategic thinking to harness the insight yield and drive your organisation's next steps.

 Events, Training and Networking 

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In 2020/21 more members than ever before took advantage of the amazing learning and networking opportunities provided by the Alliance events programme despite the significant challenges presented by the pandemic. 

  • Fit for the Future Convention-The C suite event that runs over two days is filled with exciting keynote speakers and our highly rated SPORT Talks which provide an insight from our peers inside the sector.  This event also provides essential networking opportunities throughout the day and over a 3-course dinner. 
  • Community Sport and Recreation Awards – We celebrate grassroots sports and host an awards lunch that HRH The Earl Of Wessex attends. Find out more about the awards.


As a member you will receive heavily reduced rates to our:

  • Governance Training Programme which focusses on improving practices within your organisation in a number of ways. Last years programme looked at:
    • Effective Chairing Skills
    • Role of the Director and the Board
    • Sporting Landscape for new Directors
    • Developing strategic thinking


  • FREE Quarterly Divisional Meeting - by becoming an SRA member, you are placed in a division containing other sport and recreation organisations where quarterly meetings take place. 
  • FREE Annual Conference - The Annual Conference provides our members with the opportunity to come together with likeminded people and organisations from across the sport and recreation sector.