General Election 2017

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Here you'll find the Sport and Recreation Alliance's reaction to the latest announcements from the General Election 2017 and what this could mean for the sport and recreation sector. 

To read the Sport and Recreation Alliance's manifesto click here.


Labour - A Creative Future For All  - 22/05/17

Labour today announced plans for a ‘Creative Future for All’, and unveiled policies to support arts and culture.  

Commenting on the proposals, Leigh Thompson, Policy Manager at the Alliance said: 

“It’s disappointing that Labour’s plans focus solely on arts and culture and completely ignore sport and recreation. Labour has promised a £1 billion Culture Capital Fund to transform our cultural infrastructure but we need to see a similar commitment to upgrading our sporting infrastructure. This is why our manifesto calls on Local Authorities to keep a register of sport and physical activity assets and asks for greater protection of our green spaces so that everyone has access to high-quality sport and recreation opportunities.  

“Labour has also committed to putting culture at the heart of the school curriculum but again, sport has been overlooked. If the next Government is serious about the health and wellbeing of our children and young people, physical literacy must be put on the same footing as academic literacy.”


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