Sport England Evaluation Framework

The evaluation framework does not prescribe one system or tool for organisations to use, but instead provides easy-to-follow guidance and resources that aims to help sport and recreation organisations develop their own approach to measuring and evaluating their work.   

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The framework consists of three stages:

1.       Design

The first stage involves planning and deciding what you want to achieve, what you are going to measure and how you are going to go about measuring your work. There are four steps to this:

  • Define intervention purpose and rationale- work with stakeholders to define what you are aiming to achieve and use evidence and insight to decide on the most effective way of achieving your outcomes; 
  • Identify measurement and evaluation priorities- talk to stakeholders to decide on the most important outcomes that will show the impact of your work;
  • Decide the level of evaluation- deciding what the right impact measurement arrangement is for your funding stream or project;
  • Select data collection methods and tools- deciding what data you will need to collect to measure the impact of your funding stream/project and select the best methods and tools to use to collect it.   

2.       Develop and implement your measurement tools

The second stage involves you putting in place and managing the process of collecting, analysing and reporting your measurement and evaluation data. This will involve:

  • Arranging how you will collect measurement and evaluation data;
  • Develop the tools that you will use to collect the measurement and evaluation data e.g. survey questionnaires, activity feedback forms, attendance records etc;
  • Collect the data;
  • Collate, analyse and report the data.

3.       Reflect on learning to adapt and improve delivery

The third stage involves using the findings from your data collection and analysis to make improvement to your funding stream or project and share findings with others to improve understanding and knowledge both within your organisation and in the wider sector. This involves:

  • Regularly reviewing the data you are collecting and analysing and using your findings to identify where your project/funding stream is working and where it needs improvement;
  • Adapt delivery of your funding stream/project based on the findings from the data you have collected;
  • Share findings and learning.

In addition, as part of the framework, Sport England provide a series of tools and resources to help organisations develop their measurement and evaluation approach. There are also case studies that demonstrate how Sport England have used the above approach to evaluate and measure their own work.