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Workshop: Improving board effectiveness

Why you need to be there

This workshop will look to support individuals in board roles to understand the elements of practice and behaviour which contribute to effectively operating boards. This training will be led by Seamus Gillen, industry expert, and Director and Founder of Value Alpha Limited and will look at the importance of a board's understanding and evaluation of its own role and how it contributes to their organisation. 

This workshop will cover:

Boards as a central feature of good-practice governance

  • The purpose of a board and it's organisation
  • The board’s role in delivering (business) benefit
  • The board’s role of making high-quality decisions

Director effectiveness as a key feature of board effectiveness

  • Director selection
  • Director competencies – getting the best team into place
  • Director attributes – knowledge, skills, experience, independence and diversity
  • Director induction, development and succession planning
  • Identifying danger signals
  • Staying current and vital

Critical Director behaviours

  • Board roles and relationships
  • Tone from the top
  • Culture, values and behaviours
  • Ethical leadership.

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