• Is your organisation diverse? How to begin changing the culture in your organisation.

    Verity Postlethwaite, PhD Candidate at the Institute of Sport and Exercise Science, University of Worcester, outlines how to get to grips with what we really mean by diversity and how considering three simple questions can help you to get your organisation thinking about a culture change.  Published 23 March 2017 Verity Postlethwaite
  • Accelerating women’s progress in the workplace

    To be at its most effective our sector needs to reflect modern society.
    Published 07 March 2017 Vijaya Panangipalli
  • Passion for women’s sport

    Anabel Sexton on why her sport and active wear brand has set the goal of giving back to women’s grassroots sport.  Published 07 March 2017 Anabel Sexton
  • Homophobia in sport

    Parliamentary and Policy Officer, Charlotte Adams, takes a look at the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee’s report ‘Homophobia in Sport’. The Committee put forward a number of recommendations for National Governing Bodies (NGBs), particularly that NGBs and the wider sport and recreation sector should consider committing more funding and resources to tackle the issue. This blog explores what the recommendations could mean for the sport and recreation sector and the impact it could have on our members. 

    Published 16 February 2017 Charlotte Adams
  • Why our research can help you to engage BAME communities in your physical activity provision

    Shaheen Bi, Head of Research and Projects at Sporting Equals – the organisation which exists to actively promote greater involvement in sport and physical activity by disadvantaged communities – explains how the new insight series can empower sport and recreation bodies.

    Published 16 February 2017 Shaheen Bi
  • New Year’s Resolutions –Good Governance in Practice

    The start of a year is traditionally a time for planning and goal-setting. For anyone looking for the perfect professional development opportunity, benefitting both the individual and the organisation, then the ICSA Level 6 Advanced Certificate in Sport Governance and Administration could be for you.

    Published 12 January 2017 Rob Tate
  • A sweet deal for the sport sector? Or a financial reality check?

    In this blog, our Parliamentary Officer, Emma Wade, takes a look at the latest developments to the Soft Drinks Industry Levy and what it might mean for the sport and recreation sector. 

    Published 08 December 2016 Emma Wade
  • Coaching Plan

    Sport England have this week released its new coaching plan, with the aim of shaking up “the way we think about and deliver coaching”.  

    Published 01 December 2016 Rob Gill
  • Safeguarding in Sport and Physical Activity

    The Sport and Recreation Alliance is committed to working with our members and partners to create a culture of safeguarding both children and adults. 

    Published 29 November 2016 Hannah Dobbin
  • The Contemporary Non-Executive Director… a must-have on your board

    Louis Cooper, CEO of the Non-Executive Directors’ Association (NEDA), considers the changing role of the Non-Executive Director in modern organisations and advises how Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) in the sport and recreation sector can learn from the corporate sector to ensure they adapt and add value for the benefit of their board. Published 22 November 2016 Guest blog